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PolyJet models are very accurate, with smooth finishes and low to high prices.
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PolyJet machines use a model material that is similar to Stereolithography materials but it is placed and cured differently.

How It Works
PolyJet 3D Printing (trademarked by Objet) is an additive manufacturing process. The machine builds up layer upon layer of the 3D model, starting with the bottom layer. After some hours have passed, the model is finished.

The material used is a liquid photopolymer, which feels similar to plastic when hardened. A moveable block with two or more inkjet heads sprays fine droplets of model and support material during each pass, while an ultra-violet lamp instantly cures the deposited material. After each layer is finished, the tray drops so that the machine can begin the next layer. This process allows for ultra-thin layers and a smooth, glossy finish in many cases.

Multiple Simultaneous Materials
One great benefit of advanced PolyJet printing is the ability to print two different materials in one build. This allows the model to have over-molding, using a plastic-like base and rubber-like molding.

Typical Uses
  • Rapid Prototypes
  • Form and Fit Testing
  • Mold Patterns
Example quotes for a 2-inch sphere:
Process Qty 1 Qty 10
SLA $376 each $109 each
SLS $501 each $121 each
FDM $182 each $154 each
PolyJet $479 each $139 each
Machined Plastic $458 each $139 each
Urethane Castings N/A $120 each
So, you can see how volume discounts can be a big factor, especially for processes that are slow in the vertical direction.

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