What is Sheet Metal Manufacturing?

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Sheets of metal are formed into shape and features are stamped or cut. Moderate pricing.
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A variety of machines help create useful sheet metal parts.

How It Works
Sheet Metal production starts with a flat sheet of metal, such as aluminum or stainless steel, and gets formed into the final shape by a variety of machines. Processes that can be applied include bending, stamping, drilling, tapping, heat-treating, and many others. This process is typically used for manufacturing but it can also be used for prototyping.

Typical Uses
  • Production Parts
  • Special-purpose Parts
  • Rapid Prototypes
Example quotes for a 2-inch sphere:
Process Qty 1 Qty 10
SLA $376 each $109 each
SLS $501 each $121 each
FDM $182 each $154 each
PolyJet $479 each $139 each
Machined Plastic $458 each $139 each
Urethane Castings N/A $120 each
Sheet Metal N/A Prices vary greatly depending on material and shape
So, you can see how volume discounts can be a big factor, especially for processes that are slow in the vertical direction.

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